Indoor electric grills

What is the advantage of using electric grills?

The electric grill is as simple as possible: the food is placed between the heating elements and the device is closed. The dish is evenly heated and fried. The electric grill does not accumulate fat in itself – it flows into a special compartment.


What types of electric grills are there?

Electric grills are divided into two types: 

Stationary.  Massive devices requiring a large area of ​​placement and constant connection to the network of 380 V. They are used in catering establishments. 

Portable. Compact, actively used in everyday life. You just need to plug it into a power outlet. 

Let’s take a closer look at what types it qualifies for: 

1.Non-contact A device with an open spiral, grate, pan for collecting fat. Best suited for summer cottages or kitchens with good ventilation, as they generate a lot of smoke during cooking.
2. Contact Products are placed directly on the work surface. 

They function without additional accessories. Such electric grills can be of several types:

 One-side.The heating element is located on one side only. In some cases, the meat has to be turned over, respectively, the cooking process takes twice as long.

 Bilateral. The dish is fried on both sides at the same time, which significantly speeds up cooking. The function of adjusting the distance between the heating elements increases the range of dishes that can be cooked on the electric grill. 

Combined. They can work as a one-sided or two-sided device. Best suited for active home use, as they have a wide range of modes.


What cooking programs for the product exist?

The size of the working surface.  60-200 square inches. The choice should be made depending on the number of people you plan to cook for. For example, for a family of 4-5 people, you need to purchase a grill with an area of  120-150 square inches.

Power. At home electric grills, the power varies between 1200 watts The higher it is, the faster the food will cook. 

Materials used. Ideally, the case should be stainless steel and the work surface should have a non-stick coating. Cheaper and less durable models are made of heat-resistant plastic, and their work surface is covered with enamel.

 Temperature regulation. Especially convenient are those models in which the temperature of the upper and lower working surface can be separately adjusted.  350 to 450° Fahrenheit

Timer. to set the cooking time, after which the device turns on automatically. The function is useful for busy people and young mothers. 

Warm-up (keep warm) function. Keeps cooked food hot and fresh for a long time.

 Delayed start mode. Thanks to him, you can set the start time for cooking. That is, the electric grill can cook the food contained in it, even when you are not in the kitchen. 

Display or light indexing. Shows which mode the device is operating in. Thermal insulation of handles. Allows you to move a hot, working device to another place.

How to clean an electric grill?

The removable tray makes cleaning the device much easier. Worksurface relief – a flat surface is much easier to clean.


TOP — 5 electric grills on market 2020

The entry-level electric grills category includes models with wattage ranging from 1600 to 2400 watts. Today, even inexpensive devices are highly productive and are made of quality materials, including stainless steel. Moreover, modern budget electric contact grills can have temperature control of individual plates. But you should not expect numerous operating modes, a variety of useful options, component parts. Therefore, you should pay close attention to the review of the quality of the parts.

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