Best Tips For Grilling Vegetables.


george foreman grill


  • Vegetables
  • Spices
  • Olive oil
  • Smart grill or regular electric grill

 How to Make it?

 Grilling your vegetables is a great way to celebrate all the beautiful produce the summer season has to offer. We are sharing some grilled veggie hacks that hopefully you will find helpful.

 As your veggies hit the grill this season starting with the double skewer method. If you were going to be skewering your veggies to use the double skewer method. Basically, if you use a single skewer your veggies are just gonna spin around on it but if you use the double skewer method you prevent that from happening and make them super easy to flip on the grill.

 A great way to use the double skewer method is actually with your asparagus. We love skewering asparagus on either side. That way it won’t fall through the grapes as it cooks and it makes it much easier to flip on the grill. How great is that!

Another great technique when it comes to grilling your veggies is to use foil packets. This is a way to grill smaller vegetable things like green beans and broccoli that aren’t big enough to go directly on the grill but you can keep everything cooking all at the same time.

 We recommend adding seasoning to foil packets as well as a bit of butter or olive oil and it makes everything super delicious. One important note! When you are working with packets likeт this, when you open them a lot of steam can be trapped inside so you want to use some caution and make sure you’re stepping right back so you don’t accidentally burn yourself.

 One greater use for foil packets is cooking tougher vegetables like potatoes and sweet potatoes. It’s important to go ahead and use a double layer of foil in your foil packets for those veggies that will prevent them from burning on the exterior before the interior has a chance to cook.

 An important tip when you are prepping your veggies for the grill is to chop it smart.  You want to make sure your veggies are easy to flip. They’re not going to fall apart and of course that they are not going to slip through the grates so you never want to cut them too small.

 Keep your onions together by keeping the root end intact as opposed to cutting them into rings. Instead of cutting things like zucchini and eggplant into thin slices, we recommend keeping them in nice big chunks making them easier to flip.

 Of course, adding a splash of olive oil to your grilled veggies to prevent them from sticking is a total gibbon. But why not also add some flavor at the same time we always recommend adding just a bit of acidity to your veggies with some red wine vinegar, some apple cider vinegar or even some balsamic vinegar.


Recommend roasting some garlic on your grill while you’re cooking away. Basically, just add some olive oil to half a garlic head, wrap it in foil and then just pop it into the corner of your grill. While cooking everything else it becomes super soft and delicious and then you can use that roasted garlic in all sorts of tasty recipes. It’s best when it’s just spread on bread!

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