All about electric slicer


A slicer is a convenient kitchen device, that allows you to reduce the time for preparing snacks and desserts and arrange them attractively.

Types of slicers.

Slicers are divided into two categories based on the way the products are cut:

  • Mechanical. With a mechanical slicer, you have to work with both hands: with one hand you set the cutting mechanism in motion, with the other you serve the product to the slicer knife. Such devices belong to budget models, cut products neatly, but require some skill.
  • Electrical. Electric modifications of slicers operate from a household power supply. Such slicers are divided into automatic and semi-automatic. In semi-automatic slicers, the product is fed manually, and then an electric knife comes into play. In automatic slicers, slicing is done without hands at all. It is enough to put the product into the carriage of the device and set the desired cutting program. Electronic models are convenient for cutting large quantities of products, therefore they are used for professional purposes by hypermarkets and catering establishments.

To choose the right slicer, you need to evaluate several of its main parameters. In the struggle for a potential buyer, slicer manufacturers are trying to complement the devices with various technical improvements, increasing the comfort of work.

The most common options.

  1. Cut protection. There is a special protective cover on the platform for feeding the product for slicing, which saves the chef’s hands from direct contact with the sausage or loaf of bread.
  2. A special container for sliced products.
  3. The mechanism for fixing slicers to the table.
  4. Complete set with knife sharpeners.

When choosing a slicer, pay attention to the number of add-ons: they can seriously affect the cost of the device.

Top 5 Best Electric Meat Slicers in 2020

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KWS MS-10NT premium commercial 320w electric slicer

beswood 9″ premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade electric deli

CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food Slicer with 7.5”

BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Food Slicer


Does the household need a slicer?

At home, it is more practical to use ordinary kitchen knives. But when you need to receive many guests, cut many snacks, the device is an indispensable assistant.

Is it better to use a slicer or a knife?

For professional purposes, it is more convenient to use a slicer. In addition, without it, it is difficult to cut food into slices of the same thickness.

Which slicers are best?

To choose the right slicer, you need to evaluate several of its main parameters.


The higher the power, the higher the resource of its electric motor. With significant power, the engine heats up less, which means it can work longer without stopping. This is important primarily for professional purposes. For infrequent use at home, household samples with a power of up to 100 watts are suitable.

Choosing a model of a slicer, you should know that more powerful devices are much noisier. If you buy a 100W power slicer for your home, be prepared for a jet rumble in the kitchen.


Only a high-quality knife can cut food accurately. Most models of slicers are equipped with stainless steel knives. Certain professional models, as well as expensive household modifications of slicers, are equipped with titanium knives.

According to the type of blades, knives are divided into two types:


With a solid blade. Toothed discs are useful for cutting hard foods such as frozen meat, while solid-bladed discs are convenient for cutting soft foods, such as cheeses or sausages.

The diameter of the knife is also important. Knives with a diameter of no more than 170 mm are installed on household models and up to 300 mm on professional ones.


The operational reliability of the device depends on how well the body of the slicer is made, and in many respects — the cleanliness in the kitchen. 

Slicers can be:

Metallic. Metal devices are more rigid in the construction of the case and withstand daily intense loads

Plastic. Models with plastic cases are cheaper, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, which is important for kitchen decor.

Pay attention to the body platform where the cut product is placed. Steel platforms are stiffer, they do not bend, the cutting of products on such a platform will be even, and the thickness of the slices will be the same.


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