Beswood 10″ Premium

beswood 10» premium meat slicer

The device handles all types of sausages, ham, and other products without problems, significantly reducing the working time required for slicing. The body of the semi-automatic gastronomic machine is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, which guarantees long-term operation. The cutting knife is made of high-quality steel, its double-sided sharpening ensures a perfect cut. The location of the knife at an angle to the surface greatly simplifies the process. The original food product is securely attached to the carriage using a plastic toothed pusher. The thickness of the cut is set by adjusting the distance between the knife and the thin metal plate. For this, a black volumetric handle is located on the body. The power of the electric motor is 150 W. The device easily handles all types of food.  Suction feet give the device additional stability


  • Powerful;
  • Wave sharpen a knife;
  • The convenient tilt of the body;


  • There is no protection against accidental activation

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