Crispy French fries

 How to make tasty and crispy french fries?

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 For this recipe you’ll need enough oil to cover the potatoes, salt and pepper to taste, about six or seven russet potatoes – you can use other varieties, but they will alter the cooking time. And some ice water for soaking.

1. Peel and rinse the potatoes.
2. Cut the potatoes into approximately equal pieces. They don’t have to be exactly uniform but the more uniform they’re cut the more uniform they’ll cook.
3. Slicing the fries.
4. Cut slices in ice water for about an hour, to rinse off some of the starch. So they don’t stick together when cooking, and then we’ll drain them.
5. We’ve let our french fries soak for a little over an hour, now we’re gonna drain them.
6. Dry out our bowl, then pat the french fries dry with a paper towel.
7. Preheat oil to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

And there are fries in a two-fry process.

  1.  Fry is at a lower temperature and it’s designed to cook the potatoes. So, we’re gonna put these in for about six minutes.  Then go ahead and remove the fries and transfer them to a bowl and allow them to cool for about 20 minutes before the second fry. In the meantime, we’ll preheat our fryer to 375 degrees. It’s been 20 minutes and our fryer has heated up to 375 degrees and we’re ready for the second fry.
  2.  Fry is what makes the french fries crispy. So, we’ll go ahead and add these back to the basket and fry these for an additional two minutes. It’s been two minutes and our french fries are done. We’re gonna transfer these back into a bowl and then we’ll season them with salt and pepper to taste. It’s important to season them while they’re still hot so the seasoning sticks. And the great thing about these fries is you can make a huge batch ahead of time and put them in the freezer and reheat them in your fryer for two to three minutes.

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