Delonghi america cgh1020d livenza

de’longhi livenza all day 3-in-1 grill

A grill for home use. However, if you buy a DeLonghi America cgh1020d livenza and the opinion about the possibilities for the culinary specialist of this miniature device will change dramatically! How you can cook with a modern electric grill will surprise even professional chefs. Real masterpieces and the most delicious delicacies will be prepared. Same as in a fine restaurant.

The stylish design of the device also does not cause any complaints, perfectly fitting into almost any kitchen interior. You don’t need to hide it on the shelf, especially since the grill takes up very little space. The main thing you get is speed, quality, and variety of recipes with minimal investment of time and effort.

According to user reviews, as well as in terms of price and quality ratio, this model, with a power of 2 kW, rightfully took the first place. It is possible to cook with it much faster than in a pan. To use it as convenient as possible, the design provides for three positions of the panels, thanks to which the electric grill can be used as a barbecue, oven, or the grill itself. There are several temperature modes, they are set by clicking arrows.

All controls are located on the front side and consist, in fact, of two temperature controls. Each for his own plate. This way you can fry one side of the steak hard and the other just lightly. The timer sets the cooking time for the ingredients. The power of the device is 2000 watts, which is a fairly economical indicator.

Information about the current status of the device is shown on a small display. You can cook on different types of plates: 2 flat and 2 corrugated grill plates. Both types of plates have a durable non-stick dishwasher friendly coating.


  • Very nice design;
  • Many functions;
  • Several removable panels;
  • Can be used as an open grill;
  • Adjustable leg and lid height.


  • High price;
  • Short power cord.

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