George foreman 15

george foreman grill

George foreman 15 is completely budget model. Despite the fact that the power of the product is not too high, it can be used to completely fry small steaks or chops, to cook fish or hot sandwiches. This grill has a significant number of different functions and a small work surface, which is 23×14.5 cm. It is a closed type device with a stainless steel body. It should be noted that the case can quite easily get fingerprints, so it will have to be cleaned regularly. An indicator of operation is provided, there is a metal handle for transferring — it will practically not heat up during operation, but it is better not to touch the rest of the surfaces of the model. Internal cleaning is performed first with soft tissue materials and then undergoes a special tool. The product has a non-stick coating, a retainer on one side only.


  • Heats up quickly to operating temperature;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • All dishes are juicy;


  • Not easy to wash off;
  • The grease tray is not securely fixed;
  • Slides over the table surface;
  • When cooking without oil, food can burn very hot.

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