Grill panini turkey and cheese sandwich

panini grill


  • Three-grain bread
  • Edam cheese
  • Butter
  • Turkey
  • Mayonnaise
  • Pesto
  • Avocado
  • Salt and Pepper


How to Make it

 Are you just getting ready to sit down for a grilled panini sandwich? To make these in a city at the cottage they’re super easy. But it’s all about what you put in them. Just a reminder if you don’t have a panini maker you could also do this on the stovetop using a skillet.  Start with two slices of three-grain bread. It has oatmeal whole wheat and then flaxseed very beautifully. Spread butter on one slice, spread butter on the second slice, and then just lift them over. We’re ready to fill the sandwich. Put two slices of Edam cheese down. It is a slightly sweet Dutch cheese. Two thin slices of turkey. 

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 Now put a piece of tomato a little bit of salt and pepper. A big clump of alfalfa green sprouts — very healthy. Some sliced avocado. Look at how beautiful that is. Another slice of cheese. And then on the other piece of bread. Take a bit of mayonnaise and a bit of pesto. Kind of stir it together and then spread that on a piece of bread. Place it all together. Throw it on your panini maker and in about 5 minutes your panini is ready to go.   This sandwich is so wonderful especially when you’re cooking it on a panini maker. Everything is so warm and beautiful. Got to serve it with a giant pickle.


Bon Appetit.

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