Homemade pizza

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  • Salami or ham
  • Diced tomatoes
  • Onion
  • Yeast
  • Brown sugar
  • Olive oil
  • Green pepper


 How to make it

  1. You have to dice up garlic into tiny pieces. Get them as small as you can. 
  2. Dice up some of the white onion into little tiny pieces as well. Get it small. Add some olive oil into the skillet, spread it around a little bit and then add in onions and garlic. Add in our diced tomatoes. Use plain diced tomatoes. Drain them and put them in a food processor. Then mix it with onion and garlic on a pan. Next comes chicken broth, but you can also use water or a little bit of wine.
  3. Add in some Italian seasoning. Lots and lots of Italian seasoning, add in some Parmesan cheese, add in some brown sugar. Now go ahead and stir it up. Just steam out all that liquid. Add a splash of red wine and it’s done. It does not have to simmer all day. Once you put it in the pot, reduce it down. It is done. This took no time at all and it tastes so good, fresh and flavorful. 
  4.  Let’s move on to our pizza dough. Take some warm water in a bowl, throw in a little bit of sugar and stir it around. 
  5. Take a yeast packet. Shake it like a Polaroid picture and throw that yeast in that warm water. Wait a little bit, cross your fingers, and pray that our yeast proves. It got all nice and bubbly and foamy, that’s what we want. 
  6. The yeast is ready to go ahead and put this into a larger bowl. Then we’re going to add some olive oil because pizza dough loves olive oil. Throw in a little bit more sugar and then add in flour. Also, add some salt into the flour. Add all that into that bowl and next, we’re just going to add a little bit of Italian seasoning, some Parmesan cheese into that little crust. Mix it up well. A nice dough begins to form and this looks great.  Go ahead and dump this out onto a lightly floured surface. Make sure you keep your hands greased up with oil and the dough is like a dream to work with. Go ahead and press it out until your pan. Cover it up with some plastic wrap and put it in a warm location for about thirty minutes. You don’t have to do this if you don’t like a thicker crust.
  7.  It is time to prepare toppings. Take some sliced pepperoni, some green bell peppers, and cheese. Make sure you grate your cheese and don’t buy the pre-shredded kind of stuff. Go ahead and grate it yourself. You know it’s worth it. It melts better. Add some salami or ham slices.!To have a nice slice of whatever you won’t take an electric Cusimax meat slicer. If you want to know about TOP-5 electric slicers 2020 for your home, you can check it out here!
  8.  Take your sauce and spread it out on the dough. As much as you like. Put all toppings on top and throw cheese as much as you can.
  9. Bake it in the oven for 250 degrees 12 minutes and boom! look at that! 

The pizza is ready!


Bon Appetit!

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