Innsky air fryer

innsky air fryer how to use

When choosing an air fryer, you should pay attention not so much to the volume of the bowl, but the area of the bottom of the basket. Because the products laid in one layer are obtained with the tastiest crust and are cooked faster. At the same time, the external dimensions of the device had to be small. Everything came together in the Innsky air fryer. For those who admit to a healthy diet, the air fryer helps to significantly diversify the menu: all kinds of vegetables, poultry, mushrooms, fish, seafood are amazing, much tastier, and prettier than in a multicooker or oven. For those who do not count calories, we can recommend cooking french fries or kebabs from any meat in the air fryer. After use, wash with a soft foam sponge. In rare cases, I pour water into a bowl, after a few minutes it washes off perfectly. The high-quality non-stick coating that is very easy to clean. Satisfied with the quality of cooking without the use of oil. Everything is prepared quickly, which saves time. There is no plastic smell. Who wants to eat healthy, highly recommend it. Even a child can cook something without any problems. 


  • Simple cooking method, especially when using paper and foil. Excellent quality of the resulting meal.
  • Can cook chicken thighs, French fries, pork ribs.
  • Compact, multifunctional, easy to operate.
  • Touch control, several cooking modes.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Silent during cooking.


  • The bottom of the bowl is poorly washed. For some reason, the oil becomes dense there. Better to don’t rub it hard, it’s a very delicate material and coating.
  • Small timer range, only 30 minutes. Not enough for meat dishes.



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