OSTBA Meat slicer electric

how to sharpen meat slicer blade

For those who are used to saving money, meat slicer electric deli food slicer is the best option. The model is equipped with a powerful 150 W motor, which allows you to quickly handle large quantities of products. An easy-to-understand functionality that a specialist without experience can easily master. Easy blade change — just unscrew three screws with a Phillips screwdriver. The rigid steel platform, like the case itself, ensures reliable operation of the device. There are rubberized legs on the base of the slicer body — the device will stand securely.


  • Stainless steel knife, wavy edge.
  • Adjustment of the thickness of the slices with a rotary switch. At position “0” the device is switched off.
  • Safety button against accidental pressing.
  • Overload shutdown.
  • Quiet work.


  • No knife sharpening device.
  • No knife speed adjustment.
  • The thickness of the cut can “run away” under the pressure of the knife (according to customer reviews).

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