Food slicers

First, let’s start with sharpening. Order to set up the sharpening unit, loosen the back screw and turn it 180 degrees. Turn the slicer on press the inner button for a few seconds and then the outer button just for a couple of seconds to even out the edge. Then wipe the blade down on both sides and that’s done.  

 Turn it the other way around make sure it sits back on the blade because it works as a guard as well so make sure it’s tightened down.

How to slice cheese?

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 We can proceed to slice some cheese set the thickness and secure the locking screw so the back wall won’t move under pressure. Turn the slicer on and proceed with your slicing. If you’re working with soft cheeses for example you might be better off with the teflon coated one. So that’s one of these so let’s put it back on so first align the blade. Put the screws back in and tighten them really nice blade guard goes back on. Then the sharpening unit the slide and all the grips so the machine is reassembled now let’s do a couple of slices with a teflon blade. Put the cheese in and turn the machine on and see how smooth that goes. The different blade goes through the cheese-like through butter you’ll be able to make much thinner slices and even softer cheese sauce are not a problem. The slices are done. 

How to clean food slicer?

It’s time to clean. Do that first you can unscrew all the handles then disassemble the slide and remove the sharpening unit. And last remove the blade guard. It is really easy to take. It only takes a few seconds of your time. But now you gain access to all the bits and pieces that came in contact with the food. You can also further disassemble the machine by taking off this wall just by unscrewing these two screws you can take off the guard mechanism by unscrewing this bit and then you gain access to pretty much everything and you just left with the base along. But that’s not really necessary once you get it to that stage you can easily clean all the bits and pieces the producer doesn’t recommend putting any of the parts into the dishwasher because the corrosive detergents may damage the aluminum surface so you need to clean it by hand. It is done manually although once in a while do like to put it in the dishwasher on a steaming cycle without any detergent. 

How to change the blade? 

To do that unscrew the three screws holding the blade to the motor then carefully remove the blade. Now the blade is off. You can put another one on and while adding it.

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