The best Indoor electric grilled beefsteak


best electric grill indoor


  • 1 beefsteak (400-500g)
  • 1 tsp of beef base
  • black pepper

How to Make it?

Here’s a really simple steak recipe that you’re gonna love. You can do it indoors on an electric grill. It is great to use these electric grills when it’s cold outside if you don’t want to stand out. Also, this is so much less aggressive than just a flat griddle pan it’s one of the best ways you can cook a steak. A good steak needs a good seasoning. Use a beef base. One of the problems with steaks you get in the grocery stores these days they don’t have a lot of flavors. So we have to add some flavor and this will give it an intense beef taste. So, mix a teaspoon of beef base and a tablespoon or so of grapeseed oil or whatever oil you want. This is just a high smoke point oil. Start mixing it up, break up all the chunks and then just start rubbing it on your steak.

Get a nice coating then add a bit of fresh cracked pepper. You don’t need to add any salt because it’s in that beef base.

Put your stake on your very hot grill.  Most people make a mistake indoors. They don’t have the confidence to get the pan up as hot as they can. You need a temperature of about 450 degrees. Lay your steak side down on an angle and listen for the sizzle.

Now we could put our seasoning paste on the other side making sure to get it nice and covered all over. Add fresh cracked pepper. Wait for about 3 minutes and flip it. Get a nice crust and grill marks on there. Beautiful.

The secret here is the need to let the steak rest. So let them rest while the grill cools down a little bit. You’ll know when they’re medium rare when you start to see some blood come through.

Bon Apetit!

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